Vericose Veins

Why Elastic Compression is Necesssary and how it works ?

From the Clinical point of view , due to pregnancy, Obesity, use of Oestrogens, unsuitable clothing (tight around the groin), bad eating habits(alcohol, spices) , vessel walls are relaxed and as a result valvular flaps are modified and fail to function.

Blood has its own mass and is influenced by the force of gravity and is so pulled towards the lower parts of the limb. When the valvular structures are healthy, they distribute the weight of the haematic column over the various compartments situated between the valve and the next. On the other hand, when these valves become incontinent the entire weight of the haematic column bears down on the main various axes and as result haematic column bears are subjected to pressure on the vessel walls from the inside towards the outside. For this reason the first form of physical treatment should be elastic by compression, by means of which the opposite effect can be achieved by the production of pressure from outside the vessel walls towards the vessel lumen.

Compression Classes Alongwith Their Specialities mm Hg Pressure At The Ankle
a) Heaviness and Fatigue in legs.
b) Mild varicosity without oedema.
c) Initial varices during pregnancy.
a) Pronounced vancies with more severe symptoms.
b) Control oedema and effective scar formation in burns.
c) Moderate oedema.
d) Treatment of post fracture trauma oedema
e) Inflammation of superficial veins.
f) Post Scierotherapy/Surgical Stripping.
g) Stasis dermatitis due to chronic venous insufficiency.
h) Deep vein Thrombosis(DVT).
a) Higher degrees of indication for serious cases
b) Post thrombotic syndromes.
c) Pronounced oedema.
d) Atrophie Blanche/Dermatoscterosis.
e) After resolution of crural ulcers.
f) During & after treatment of venous Ulcers.
a) Post Mastectocny
b) Post traumatic & Post oedema
c) Tennis elbow syndrome. Burns therapy.

Medivn thrombexin 18

Anti-embolism stockings

Reliable thrombosis prophlaxis : immobile patients pre

1. intra - and postoperatively

2. immediately pre-,and postparturition

3. bedridden patients

4. clinically proven to reduce the risk of DVT


Mediven armsleeves : ccl.

Good compliacnce for hymphoedema patients

1. open knit minimizes perspration,increases air circulation and allows natural body heat transfer

2. Unique fabric provides "griping action" on the arm reduction sleeve slip or roll transfer

3. comfortable natural elasticity; seamless

4. machine washable & dryable

5. skin colours


duomed® class1/class2

The duomed® offers value for money and as perfect quality product is therfore very durable. Its wearing comfort promotes optimal patient compliance.

Mediven ulcer kit : ccl.3

The strategy for therapeutic success in integrative Care of acute leg ulcers.

Mediven ulcer, with 20 mm Hg pressure at the ankle, has been conceived for permanent compression during the day and at night, during the Acute phase of treatment for venous leg ulcers. mediven ulcer plus, again with 20 mm Hg pressure at the ankle, generally promotes and reinforces this compression treatment during the patients active phases of the day. This ensures the medically required compression force of 40 mm Hg and high working pressure, particularly in the acute phase of ulcer therapy

Mediven® Plus : ccl. 1/2/3

Mediven plus - a compression stocking for everyday use:

Elegant but robust and high stability wth optimal compression values. With its IPR system (invisble pressure reduction ) mediven plus offers guaranteed compression reduction for a comfortable fit Especially in the hollow of the knee

Treatmeant Aids

Mediven day-Comression - Comfot - Gel

The cooling gel should be applied as part of your compression thearpy with stocking during the day : just before putting on your stocking,apply the gel to the affected areas and rub in gently.

Mediven Night - compression comfort - cream

It is an active addition to passive compression therpy.every pack is supplied with a complete exercise programe (10 exercise)

Mediven® Butler (Valet)


The dressing aid helps solve the often difficult problem of putting on compression stockings or tights with either full foot or open toe. The simple construction saves both time and trouble.The dressing aid is suitable for all stocking sizes.


1. even simpler fitting

2. less strength required

3. reduced strain on the ankle.

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