Spine Brace

A13 Taylor Brace

Product Code : A-13

Size : UN, Spl. Size

Rigid, removable, customizable, anatomically contoured, splints ensure perfect fitting, enhanced immobilization & night spinal posture. Adjustable shoulder straps, offer neutral spinal posture, strong grip & self lightening of the brace. Sleek PUF fused body offers good cushioning, better comfort and pleasing aesthetics. Convenient sizing in two heights & two circumferences



  • osteoporotic bone collapse in the thoracic and lumbar spine
  • juvenile Scheuermann's disease
  • hyperkyphosis with chronic back pain .

Mode of action

  • by activating the back muscles the support straightens the dorsal spine to decrease the osteoporotic kyphosis
  • stimulation of the body's own muscle power
  • when optimally fitted the support eases the patient's pain and improves mobility.


  • the easily bent back brace makes it possible to adjust the support individually to each patient.
  • the brace is light and barely visible under clothing the "backpack" principle makes putting the brace on easy .
  • no obstruction of thoracic or abdominal breathing .
  • no restriction of shoulder and arm movements.
  • back brace is moldable in cold condition.

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