Simple knee Cap

Knee Cap

Bi-layered construction, dermophillic cotton ensures, comfort in all weather conditions. Nylon outside ensures long life, excellent aesthetics and color fastness. Four way stretchable knit with "Spandex" provides effective compression, comfort and no buckling of fabric. Thick knit retains body heat, provides therapeutic warmth and assuring support.

Product Code: D-04

Size: S, M, L, XL

Simple Knee cap

Provides relief of the irritated joint and improves blood flow to the soft tissue areas surrounding the joint by producing a constant compression and massaging action during patient movement.


Size: S, M, L, XL

Simple Ribbed Knee Cap

It is anatomically shaped with a reduced compression spot to ensure no pattelar pressure. Its three dimensional knitting provides snug fitting and strong compression. Its bi-layered construction and dermophillic cotton inside ensures all weather comfort. Its nylon outside ensures long life, excellent aesthetics and colour. Its thick knit retains therapeutic warmth and provides support. .

Rs 485 pair

M.4 OA

Indications :

Conservative treatment of complex ligamentous instability particularly in combination with unilateral osteoarthritis
Post-operative pressure relief and compartmental protection after fractures of the tibial head, cartilage surgery, meniscus refixation, correction osteotomy.
Instability of the cruciate ligaments with pressure relief of the medial or lateral compartment. For functional pre or post-operative care of knee instabilities.

Mode of Action

Protection, stabilisation, pain relief and restoration of mobility
Pressure relief of the medial or lateral joint compartment into a varus or valgus position
Stabilisation of the knee joint by the 4-point principle to counteract knee instability, a cause of osteoarthritis
Safeguards against hyperextension and offers limitation of flexion and extension.


The massage effect achievedby the compressive fabric and silicone insert improves the blood circulation and aids absorption of haematomas and oedemas The seamless, tailored knee support improves proprioception and improves muscular support (stabilisation of the knee)

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