Satiate is an emerging distribution house with supplies of world class quality products to well known hospital in Mumbai city.

Mr. Ashit Baxi (Bsc) started with vision of providing quality services and products to Doctors, Clinic, Hospitals & patients.

is pioneer to create awareness of providing Scientific or Graded compression stockings to control disease like Vericose Veins, DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), Lymphodema, apart from that we supply to many Doctors & Patients quality kneecap (Germany ,USA ), Back pain belt, Spinal support & Silicone Heel Cushion & Insole for spur pain or Heel pain & Flat Foot products.

Our products are promoted and prescribed by leading Vascular Surgeon, Orthopaedic Surgeon, General Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Gynac Surgeon, Physicians, Physiotherapist and General Practitioners in Mumbai city.

Almost all major reputed Hospitals in Mumbai city keep our product in their Surgical Stores for better services to their admitted Patient.

We are making all efforts to educate and creating awareness amongst local chemists in your area to keep quality scientific stockings & other products like Knee Cap, Back pain belt for better services to patient.

All our efforts and resources are channelized towards meeting and exceeding customer expectation & satisfaction.

Satiate combines the strength and efforts to work together to reach the goal & objective that will maintain us among leaders of the competition in the market segment of Vericose Veins Stockings, Knee cap, Heel pain and to ferment the general well being of the community.